According to information from the Driving License and Vehicle Registration Regime Directorate (DRPCIV), Ford Romania will still be the market leader in 2022 regarding commercial vehicle sales. At the same time, the Ford Puma made only in the Ford Otosan plant in Craiova, is the most popular hybrid car in Romania.

Even though the commercial vehicle market in Romania (without the HCV segment) dropped by 14% compared to 2021 because the semiconductor crisis was still going on, Ford managed to keep its position as the leader of the commercial vehicle segment with a market share of 18.2%, which was up from the year before.

Ford Transit Custom is still the leader in its segment for the sixth year. It has a high market share of 27% and has been the leader for the past six years. Ford Ranger is the star of the Ford Pro division and continues to impress. With a 45.1% market share, it is the clear leader.

Ford Transit keeps going in the right direction, and its market share has increased compared to 2021, reaching 20% and putting it in second place in the segment.

"Even though the auto industry had another hard year in 2022, I'm glad that Ford was able to prove in Romania that its customers trust it and that its range of commercial vehicles is flexible and reliable. I want to talk about how well the Ford Ranger did. It was an excellent pickup truck that clearly won its segment, even though it was at the end of its generation. Also, Ford Transit Custom is still the most popular model on the market. Ford Transit grew its market share and introduced the Ford E-Transit, a fully electric version, said Roxana Capă, Managing Director of Ford Romania Services.

The success of Ford's commercial vehicle sales in Romania is also mirrored in the excellent results that the Ford Pro division has had in Europe. In 2022, Ford was the market leader for the eighth year in a row, which set a new record for the industry.

Ford Pro's market share was 15.0% in 2022, the highest it had ever been. Its market share went up from the year before in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, and Turkey.

"The fact that we have been the market leader in Europe for eight years in a row shows how much our customers depend on the Ford Commercial Vehicle range to keep their businesses running. Hans Schep, Managing Director of Ford Pro, Europe, said, "As we roll out our amazing software, charging, and service platform across Europe, we are determined to make sure Ford Pro stays our customers' trusted productivity partner."

Starting in the second half of 2019, the Ford Puma will only be made at the factory in Craiova. The Ford Puma is a best-seller in Romania and again ranks first in hybrid versions, with 3,046 registered units in 2022.

The Ford Kuga, made at the Valencia factory, is the second best-selling Ford model. It has seen a big sales increase of 29% in 2022, with 1,371 units sold. It's important to note that hybrid versions saw a 96% rise, and the Ford Kuga is still the best-selling plug-in hybrid (PHEV) car in Romania, no matter what segment you look at.

Ford's number of cars registered in Romania went up by 7% at the end of 2022, from 7,803 to 8,379, compared to the same time the year before. In 2022, Ford's market share in Romania went from 6.51% to 6.55%.

Roxana Capătă, Managing Director of Ford Romania, said, "Electrification of the product range is the bet that Ford proposes to its customers, and I am happy that they appreciate the variety of electric models that we offer, whether we are talking about fully electric versions, hybrid (MHEV), full-hybrid (FHEV), or plug-in hybrid (PHEV) models."


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