After being named Car of the Year, regular manufacturing of the Jeep Avenger, the company's first fully electric SUV, began on January 31 at the Stellantis facility in Tychy. As the first Jeep SUV to be manufactured in Poland, the new Jeep Avenger is an incredible accomplishment for the entire company. The Stellantis facility in Tychy will begin production of a vehicle that has received praise from consumers and specialists in the field in 2023, according to Stellantis plant director Tomasz Gbka. We're thrilled you're considering purchasing this one-of-a-kind Jeep vehicle, which boasts numerous innovative technological features. Our team in Tychy is committed to providing you with the most excellent quality at no extra cost.

Beginning with the Jeep Avenger's debut in Europe, the Jeep brand will introduce four fully electric vehicles by 2025. At the end of the 2030s, all Jeeps sold in Europe will be battery-operated vehicles.

Positioned in the second-fastest growing SUV market in Europe, the new Jeep Avenger is a tiny SUV that packs the Jeep experience into a length of just four meters. Therefore, the Jeep Avenger provides the same reliable performance as other Jeeps despite its smaller size, ensuring the driver's complete tranquility regardless of the terrain. It's the first front-wheel-drive Jeep SUV to come standard with Selec-Terrain systems and Hill Descent Control, which, along with the segment-first 20° angle of attack, 32° angle of departure, and 200 mm of ground clearance, usher in unprecedented levels of off-road prowess. It is agile, off-road adept, and a pleasure to drive; it provides dynamic performance thanks to its immediate torque and is notably quiet. 

The Jeep Avenger SUV is designed for energetic people who want a compact car with cutting-edge technology features. Thus, it uses a new electric engine that combines a 400-volt electric motor with 115 kilowatts and 260 Nm of maximum torque with a 54 kWh battery. The WLTP cycle allows for an electric range of up to 400 kilometers, while real-world ranges of over 550 kilometers are achievable.

The Jeep Avenger, which made its debut on October 17 at the Paris Auto Show and was named Car of the Year 2023 at the Brussels Motor Show on January 13, quickly received great attention and praise upon its introduction. Rapid customer interest followed the widespread accolades. Over 10,000 of the limited-edition, feature-packed launch edition, the Jeep Avenger 1st Edition, have been pre-sold in less than three months. Since January 11, orders have been accepted across the board for the straightforward and comprehensive range that provides all the Avenger features beginning with the base model. The new Jeep Avenger may be leased for 249 Euros per month for the fully electric version and 199 Euros per month for the 1.2 petrol engine, with both prices including government incentives.

The Tychy facility, constructed between 1972 and 1975, operates on a two-shift schedule and is home to around 2,000 workers. At least three models produced there have been named "European Car of the Year," including the Jeep Avenger in 2023. The "Stellantis Production Way" method underpins production, empowering the plant to carry out its activities with full staff buy-in and responsibility across the board, from quality to energy efficiency.

The plant's manufacturing cycle is divided into four departments: molding (outsourced to a third party), welding (99.5 percent automated with 930 robots), painting (90.0 percent automated), and assembly (with two production lines and a battery assembly line). With production beginning in 1975 and ending in December 2022, an astounding 10.8 million automobiles were manufactured at the Tychy facility.


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