Since 2022, Volkswagen has offered the ID Buzz electric vehicle as a minibus and a closed cargo variant. The Volkswagen ID Buzz is always propelled by a 150 kW (204 hp) rear-wheel drive with a 420-kilometer range. There will be more variations, including a very sporty "GTX" model. The GTX is set to begin this year.

"The Volkswagen ID Buzz GTX will be a cool high-performance variant, with 250 kW (340 hp), a distinctive interior, new exterior colors, and some additional functions," stated Kai Grünitz, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles' Head of Development (VWN).

VW's new GTX sub-brand represents the top sports models of the ID electric car family. Every ID series will eventually get a GTX model. The Volkswagen ID4 GTX and Volkswagen ID5 GTX were the first versions to be introduced in 2021. The ID's twin-engine all-wheel drive produces 220 kW (299 horsepower). The Volkswagen ID Buzz GTX will have more power, according to Grünitz. The electric minibus will have specific interior and external elements, as is customary with GTX versions.

According to the Wolfsburg-based manufacturer, the Volkswagen ID buzz may also get a standard four-wheel drive version. Grünitz also talked about the series' lengthy version, which will be released this summer. This version will be 25 centimeters longer than the ordinary vehicle (4.712 meters long) and will seat seven people. "There will be three rows and seven chairs, all of which can be taken out at the back," Grünitz stated. "There will also be a rotating captain's seat."

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles proposes an extension of the "California" model series, something like a VW Caddy California.

"There will be a camper version," Grünitz stated. "The first concept is currently under development. It's fascinating to consider what's feasible and what might be cool and beneficial." According to its current position, Volkswagen ID Buzz California will most likely exist around 2025.


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