Hyundai's luxury division Genesis is considering a compact electric car for the European market. The model could be inspired by the concept of the Genesis Mint from 2019, which was a sleek and elegant electric car designed for city use. Mark Choi, head of product planning at Genesis, told Autocar that the company wants to broaden its model range, and a smaller model is being explored, especially for Europe.

However, such an electric car might not arrive soon. Choi mentioned the high raw material costs for batteries as a possible challenge. "It might make more sense to wait until material costs come down, but we'll have to wait and see that," he said.

Design chief SangYup Lee said that the Mint concept is still being evaluated. "We want to understand what a small luxury car could be. When you live in a city you don't necessarily want a big car, so a small luxury vehicle is something to consider," he said. He added that there are premium small cars, but a small luxury car could be new.

The Genesis Mint was revealed in April 2019 as a premium car tailored for city use, aiming to combine practicality, comfort, and driving pleasure. The interior, designed for two people, was envisioned by the designers as a retreat, oasis of well-being and command center all in one. The cockpit of the Mint was extremely minimalist, only the most necessary functions were available. The main screen was in the center of the steering wheel. The center console with additional controls could be folded and integrated into the front bench, which became a sofa. The swiveling seating made it easy to get in and out. A charging station was also available, as was storage space in a compartment behind the seats.

According to Autocar, if a production car with borrowings from the Mint were to be introduced, it would be more practical for everyday use - with more seats and doors - but still retain some of the concept's design cues and features.

The Mint would be one of several electric models Genesis plans to launch soon. The company already has the GV60 crossover and the G80 sedan in its electric lineup, and more are expected to follow. The Mint would be a unique offering in the luxury electric car market, as it would target customers who value style, space, and efficiency in a compact package. The Mint would be more than just an electric car, it would be a statement of Genesis' creativity and excellence in the luxury segment.


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