Tesla is known for its constant innovation and updates to its electric cars, and according to recent reports, the company is working on a major overhaul for its Model Y mid-size SUV. Codenamed Project Juniper, the update is expected to bring changes to the popular vehicle's exterior and interior.

The changes are set to go into production in China in November 2022, with production in Germany and the US to follow suit. The new generation of the Tesla Model 3, codenamed "Highlander," is also expected to start production. The update focuses on reducing production costs and improving the car's overall appeal, including changes to the exterior and electric drive.

While no specific details are available on the new Tesla Model Y, the reports suggest that the update will be more extensive than the smaller revisions made since its launch in 2020. The Model 3 and Model Y have both undergone revisions since their launch, but this is the first time that a more significant update has been announced, similar to traditional model changes made by established car brands.

Tesla is expected to reveal more about its plans for the coming years, including information on the next generation of the company's vehicle platform. There are also rumors of a new electric car to be introduced below the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y.

Tesla has been ramping up production of its current models, with the German "Gigafactory" in Brandenburg near Berlin manufacturing 4,000 Model Ys per week in February 2021 for the first time. The production is expected to reach 500,000 vehicles per year in the first stage, including the Tesla Model 3 later.

The Tesla Model Y has been a popular electric SUV since its launch. Still, with increasing competition in the electric vehicle market, it's not surprising that Tesla is planning a significant update to maintain its position as a market leader. With improvements to the exterior, interior, and electric drive, the revised Tesla Model Y is expected to appeal even more to customers.

Overall, the changes to the Tesla Model Y are set to make it a more attractive option for electric car buyers, and it will be interesting to see how Tesla's updates are received in the market. As always, Tesla is pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the automotive industry. This latest update is yet another example of the company's innovation and vision for the future of transportation.


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