At a time when energy prices are going up, car prices are going up, real wages are going down, and interest costs are suddenly noticeable, it's clear that it costs more to be a Dane. So, more and more people are taking another look at the budget for the family car. And if you need to buy a new car, Suzuki's model lineup of fuel-efficient, reliable cars at affordable prices is a good bet for an intelligent choice. You can ensure this by going to the Suzuki dealers, who start the new year by inviting you inside for their traditional New Year's show on the weekend of January 7–8.

All Suzuki cars come with hybrid technology as standard. This technology reduces fuel use by having an electric motor take over for the gasoline engine in different driving situations. With engines that use less energy and cars that aren't too heavy, the cars get a lot of miles per liter and have a low owner's tax. For example, the curb weight of the Suzuki Swift model is less than 1,000 kg, and it has a 12V hybrid system and an 83-hp 1.2 Dualjet gasoline engine. It gets 21.3 km/l in mixed driving (WLTP norm), which is the best gas mileage in its price class. So, the energy label is also A++, and the owner's tax is only $78 every six months. Suzuki Swift is also in the swing of things, with a price that starts at $23,296. For that price, you get safety features like automatic emergency braking, Autonomous cruise control and comfort features like air conditioning and a leather steering wheel.

The new Suzuki Vitara SUV, which has a curb weight of under 1,300 kg, is another excellent example. The Suzuki Vitara has a 1.4-liter turbo engine with 129 hp and a powerful 48V hybrid system that can also give the gasoline engine more power. In mixed driving, the fuel economy is a reasonable 18.9 km/l, and the half-yearly owner's tax is an appropriate $85. With a starting price of $32,875 and safety features like automatic emergency braking, active cruise control, and license plate recognition, the Suzuki Vitara is one of the best deals for a roomy and cheap SUV. On the hook, it can pull up to 1,500 kg.

In conjunction with the Suzuki New Year's show, a nationwide campaign is being started where buyers of a Suzuki passenger car in January will get gas for the first 10,000 km as part of the deal. The owner of the Suzuki won't have to worry as much about gas prices for a long time. In practice, gasoline is a $1,143 discount on the car because it can be used for 10,000 km. This is the same as about 530 liters of gasoline (at a price of up to $2 per liter), which is more than enough to drive 10,000 km according to The WLTP norm on all Suzuki models, with prices for the Suzuki Ignis mini-SUV starting at $21,869.

The New Year's show will be on the weekend of January 7-8, from 11 am to 3 pm, on both days. If you are one of the first people to go, the store will give you a small gift for the New Year.


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