Polestar automobiles will be able to use the latest innovations and enhancements that Google will be showcasing at CES 2023. Polestar 3 introduces a brand-new HD map, and Polestar 2 now has Remote Actions, both of which are notable advancements.

CEO Thomas Ingenlath attributed the company's progress to their collaboration with Google, saying, "These advances are a direct outcome of our tight connection with Google and highlight the benefits of incorporating the breakthrough Android Automotive OS into our vehicles."

Google's new HD map, which includes exact and up-to-date road information, reportedly debuted in the Polestar 3, making it the first vehicle in the world to feature it. The HD map will allow Polestar to integrate its vehicle sensors with Google's pinpoint lane and location data, opening the door to advanced driver assistance technologies like Pilot Assist and, eventually, fully autonomous driving.

HD maps are high-precision maps that provide information that standard maps omit. The improved recognition of elements like lane markings and localization items, including road signs, is made possible by the higher degree of detail, which is vital for the computation of driver-aid systems.

"Using our extensive history of mapping the globe as a foundation, Google created an HD map catered to the automotive industry." Jorgen Behrens, Google's Vice President and General Manager of Geo Automotive, is enthusiastic about continuing to collaborate with industry leaders like Polestar to enhance drivers' protection and convenience.

By enabling remote actions, Polestar 2 owners can operate their vehicles from afar using a smartphone equipped with Google Assistant. This allows the driver to monitor and manage several aspects of the car, including turning on the air conditioning, checking the battery life, and unlocking the doors. Users in the United States will be the first to have access to this new feature, but it will eventually roll out to other countries.


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