Aerobic exercise, which is moderately challenging but doesn't make lactic acid, can help perimenopausal women sleep better and feel better about their mental health. A new study shows that aerobic exercise can help women in perimenopause when the body starts to get ready for menopause, sleep better and feel better about themselves.

Researchers at the University of Arizona examined how aerobic exercise affected perimenopausal women's sleep quality and mental health. They found that women who did aerobic exercise at least three times a week had a better sleep and less anxiety and depression than women who didn't exercise.

David Gronte, a senior physician in psychiatry, says that the results suggest that aerobic exercise can be a good way for perimenopausal women to improve their sleep quality and mental health.

Also valid for women of every age

Aerobic exercise, which includes jogging, cycling, and swimming, is good for the heart and overall fitness, and it has also been shown to help people sleep better. Also, studies have shown that aerobic exercise can improve your mental health by making you feel less anxious and depressed.

"Even though the study was mainly about perimenopausal women, the results may be helpful for other women who have trouble sleeping or are sick mentally. Aerobic exercise is an excellent way to improve both sleep and mental health, whether or not you are in perimenopause," concludes David Grotto.


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