Dacia is a Romanian car brand that has been making waves in the European market for its unconventional spirit and its focus on what is essential: making quality new cars at an affordable price. Dacia has sold over 5 million cars globally since 2004 and has won several awards for its value and reliability. Dacia offers a range of models, from the compact Dacia Sandero to the spacious Dacia Jogger. Still, one of its most popular vehicles is the Dacia Duster, a subcompact crossover SUV that combines style, practicality and performance.

The Duster is already a versatile car, with its spacious cabin, large boot and four-wheel drive option. But Dacia has decided to take it to the next level with a remarkable special model that adds a dump truck to the standard Duster. The new Dacia Duster Pick-up is a limited-edition variant that offers more cargo space and payload capacity than any other Duster model.

The Dacia Duster Pick-up has a dump truck with a length of 1.65 meters, with a payload of 500 kg. The structure of the dump truck is made of composite materials on a metal structure and preserves the exterior design of the tailgate. The dump truck is ideal for carrying bulky or dirty items, such as tools, equipment, furniture, or gardening supplies. The Dacia Duster Pick-up is a versatile and convenient crossover that can handle any load.

The Dacia Duster Pick-up keeps the same dimensions as the standard Duster, making it easy to maneuver and park in urban areas. The Dacia Duster Pick-up also retains the same engine and equipment options as the standard Duster. The Dacia Duster Pick-up is equipped with a 115 hp Blue dCi 4WD diesel engine that delivers 260 Nm of torque at 2000 rpm. This engine is adapted to any operating regime - in load, on a wide road or on difficult terrain. The Dacia Duster Pick-up also comes with all the standard safety features, such as airbags, ABS, ESP and Hill Start Assist. The equipment is based on the Duster Comfort level and includes air conditioning, an MP3 radio with Bluetooth, electric front windows, a two-way adjustable steering wheel and central locking with remote control. The Dacia Duster Pick-up is a well-equipped and comfortable crossover that offers a premium feel.

The Dacia Duster Pick-up is available in Glacier White and is equipped with 16-inch alloy wheels. It has a sleek and sporty look that stands out from the crowd. The Dacia Duster Pick-up also has an attractive price tag, making it one of the most affordable pick-ups on the market. The purchase price of the Duster Pick-Up 4WD model is 22,500 euros (VAT included) in Romania. The new Dacia Duster Pick-up will be manufactured beginning in spring 2023. The Dacia Duster Pick-up is a stunning and affordable crossover with a dump truck that offers style, technology, and performance at an unbeatable price.


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