Fiat Ducato won the renowned "Best motorhome 2023" award, putting it ahead of strong competitors. The German trade publication "Promobil" readers have rewarded the successful Fiat Professional model for the sixteenth time in a row. For more than a quarter-century, the Promobil magazine's annual readers' choice has been a crucial benchmark for developments in the recreational vehicle market, demonstrating the significance of this award.

This distinguished recognition demonstrates customers' confidence in Fiat Ducato as the best base vehicle for their leisure time. The numerous Fiat Ducato variations that serve as the foundation for RVs were conceived and developed in collaboration with the major European manufacturers.

The recreational vehicle industry is a long-term and strategic business for both Fiat Professional and its Fiat Ducato model. The foundation of its success is its policy of constructing the car as a platform for add-ons from the start. The Fiat Ducato has always provided modularity, car-like drivability, and versatility, which have ensured its success along with continual advancements.

The Fiat Ducato motorhome community now has over 700,000 members that travel throughout Europe. To allow Fiat Ducato customers to enjoy their vacations in peace, the brand has been offering a free telephone assistance service in 51 countries and 15 languages, exclusively for motorhome owners, ready to assist them in the event of a breakdown also for any other type of information for years.

When changed into a camper, the Fiat Ducato has always been an enormous success since it converted from a work vehicle to a luxury vehicle, arguably the most premium of the complete Fiat Professional range. When used for work, it is reasonable and professional; when used for recreation, it is flexible and eclectic.

The Fiat Ducato has been continuously updated since the initial model was introduced in 1981. The flexible van has evolved into a fashionable model sold in over 80 countries worldwide. This contributes to the Fiat Ducato becoming a global vehicle and a point of reference in its sector. For nearly 40 years, the Stellantis facility in Atessa has produced the Fiat Ducato. @via Promobil magazine.


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